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The Baby Sleep Guide. Interestingly, your baby’s physicaladvances can alter sleep https://www.tradebit.comy developmental milestones,such as rolling over and pullingup to stand, can temporarilyupset your baby’s sleep. Don’tbe discouraged if your baby, whoonce slept through the night,temporarily wakes up in themiddle of the night. Stick to yourroutine to help your baby get backto a regular sleep pattern. Cutting back on naps won’thelp your baby sleep. Contrary to what you may think,cutting down on naps won’t help at night. It can be a recipe forovertiredness and a worse night’ssleep. But avoid naps too close to night time. Create soothing surroundings: keep the bedroomdark, cool, and quiet.k How much sleep? Between six and 12 months of age,your baby will need about 14 to 15 hours of sleep each https://www.tradebit.comawling, rolling over, sitting up –an active baby means a tired baby. However, every baby is differentand some babies need much moresleep and others need much less. Most babies take two or threenaps a day at six months of ageand two naps at 12 months.k Make sleep a family priority. Make sure you create good sleephabits for yourself too. Keep aconsistent sleep schedule. Relaxwith a night time routine foryourself. Take a bath, give yourself amassage, or ask your partner to giveyou one. Relax by listening to softmusic or reading a book in bed. Andavoid caffeinated beverages afterlunch. Avoid alcohol and smoking,too, as they are unhealthy for https://www.tradebit.comcking, cuddling and feeding yourbaby to sleep are major causes ofsleep problems, so try to breakthese habits if you’ve establishedthem. If, for example, you rock yourbaby to sleep or give your babya feeding right before bed, you’lllikely be rocking or feeding yourbaby back to sleep in the middle ofthe night. Instead, try to put yourbaby down to sleep when drowsy,but still awake. If you let your babylearn to self-soothe to sleep beforebed, she’ll be able to soothe herselfback to sleep if she wakes in themiddle of the night.

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